Silent Servant, Regis, and James Ruskin Announce New Label Project

Two of the three minds behind the celebrated Sandwell District label and artist collective—Juan Mendez (a.k.a. Silent Servant, pictured above) and Karl O'Connor (a.k.a. Regis)—have joined forces with British producer James Ruskin to launch a new art and music label project, Jealous God. As Resident Advisor reports, the new effort will be overseen by Regis with Silent Servant taking the role of visual director and Ruskin serving as musical director. In a similar vein to Sandwell District operations, Jealous God plan to do more than simply dish out records, with each release including an art zine, and the first 100 copies of each record coming with an "artifact" of some sort. The label will issue its inaugural release later this month in the form of the Sicario de Dios 12" from SS/S, a collaboration between Silent Servant and Svreca. Jealous God has shared plans for further releases to come down the line from Ruskin himself, O/V/R (the name for Ruskin's and Regis' collaborative works), In Aeternam Vale, as well as an EP from Silent Servant—a producer recently featured in our In the Studio series—working solo.