Video: Demdike Stare "Transmission"

Manchester experimental duo Demdike Stare (a.k.a. Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker) has released three entries in its eclectic Testpressing series; in advance of the upcoming fourth volume, Fail, the outfit has shared a sensually dark video for record cut "Transmission." Created by Andy Rushton, the found visuals explore a similar aesthetic as Demdike Stare's music, mining dingy corners of the past to create a pagan-like, ritualistic pulse that depends on noise just as much as rhythm. As the video's enraptured subjects dance across and on top of each other in a layered chaos of editing, the track's high-pitched squall becomes more pronounced, culminating in pure static and a blur of bodies that fade to black. Fail will see an official release via Modern Love by the end of this year. (via The Wire)

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