KZA Readies Second 'Dig & Edit' LP

Japanese DJ/producer KZA (half of Force of Nature) is prepping the release of his sophomore album, the first official follow-up to 2009's acclaimed Dig & Edit LP, via Mule Musiq imprint Endless Flight. Known for being the greatest record collector in the Japan, KZA has built his name on music made up of material sampled from his massive collection. This trend continues with Dig & Edit Vol. 2, which is said to be full of studio artifice cut and arranged with the help of Mule Musiq boss Kuniyuki. The record is also described as evoking "sweaty disco nights" and "sunset soundtracks," making for a seemingly evocative 10-track collection. KZA's second LP is due for release on February 27, but until then, its artwork and tracklist can be perused below.

01 Vous Dansez
02 Schritte
03 Computerstimme
04 Taking It
05 Let’s Go
06 Want No Other
07 The Beginning
08 Two More
09 Fallin’
10 Le Troublant Acid