Legowelt Details 'Crystal Cult 2080' LP

Though he already announced the impending release of his Crystal Cult 2080 LP back in October and followed it up with an EP-length album sampler, Dutch synth specialist Legowelt has only just unveiled the full details of his next album.

The 12-track record—which was crafted in various locations around the world, including Los Angeles, Detroit, Tokyo, and Gran Canaria—is set to drop in "late March" via Crème Organization, and is said to feature "pure Legowelt magic" that is "tied together by a more coherent sense of ancient alchemy." In speaking to Resident Advisor, the artist born Danny Wolfers explains why he references the Roland JV2080 synth in his album's title, saying, "It's a cool synthesizer that goes pretty deep. It's a digital synth from the '90s that's really cheap nowadays 'cause all the kids want analogue stuff. But with machines like these you can make more mysterious, interesting sounds. It's not bound by the usual analogue 'pwioooo bloop bleep' sounds. I use a lot of analogue synths, too—I am not anti that at all, I love those things—but sonically analogue synthesizers can become quite boring quickly."

Before Legowelt releases Crystal Cult 2080 this spring, its artwork and tracklist can be found below.

1. Experiential Awakening
2. Ancient Rites Demoni Mundi
3. Excalibure R8MK2
4. Psychotic Endurance
5. How I Live
6. The Future Of Myself
7. Fundamental Superstition
8. Crystal Cult 2080
9. When The Spring Comes Again
10. Cyberspace Is Still Happenin’ For Real
11. Lighthouses & Fried Fish Disks
12. Distant Meadow In Your Soul