Video: Torn Hawk "Bad Deadlift"

L.I.E.S. affiliate Luke Wyatt (a.k.a. Torn Hawk) has steadily kept to his own path, making uniquely varied takes on aged genres of music, like industrial and krautrock. Along with this, Wyatt has consistently shown a flair for warped visuals ripped from degraded VHS material, pushing a kind of faded, tip-of-the-tongue nostalgia that's readily apparent on his new video for "Bad Deadlift." The clip sees Torn Hawk in prime form as he pairs his tangled, kraut-y house jam with overlapping film and digital footage, the two mediums forging into a hypnotic sensory overload. Towards the end of the trippy cut, "Bad Deadlift" comes to a halt before an ambient passage emerges, giving Wyatt room to fill in the space with sounds from the original footage for an abrasive finish.