Andy Stott and Miles Whittaker Detail Debut LP as Millie & Andrea

Two fixtures of Mancunian label Modern Love, dub-techno specialist Andy Stott (pictured above) and Miles Whittaker (a.k.a. half of Demdike Stare) have shared the details of their forthcoming collaborative debut album, an eight-track record called Drop the Vowels. The LP will follow the duo's string of 12" releases dating back to 2008, and is said to be "an album borne from a love of both pop and club music, made to evoke an adrenalized, hedonistic, as well as an emotional response." Stylistically, the music is said to offer traces of gamelan, rave, and jungle music, along with a decided focus on field recordings. Millie & Andrea's Drop the Vowels album will arrive on March 31 via Modern Love, and its artwork and tracklist can be found below.

02. Stay Ugly
03. Temper Tantrum
04. Spectral Source
05. Corrosive
06. Drop The Vowels
07. Back Down
08. Quay