Boiler Room Launches New Series with an Insane Cover of Caribou's "Bowls"

Branching out from its ubiquitous party-in-a-room videos, Boiler Room has launched Beats Unraveled, a new series in which artists are invited to re-create the work of other established electronic producers live. Coming out of the gate strong, the first episode enlists Dutchman Binkbeats to cover Caribou's "Bowls." Re-creating the track in one take with the help of looping software, Binkbeats utilizes a few tables of gear and acoustic instruments to conjure up the wide array of sounds heard in Caribou's original (from his excellent 2010 LP Swim).

Although this new video marks Boiler Room's first Beats Unraveled episode, Binkbeats himself has been covering electronic tracks in a similar fashion for some time now, including cuts from Flying Lotus, Baths, and Lapalux. After giving the man's cover of "Bowls" a watch below, those interested can catch up on Binkbeats' other videos here. Furthermore, Boiler Room has also shared a "behind the stream" look at Binkbeats' first video for its new series, which can be watched here.