Brian Eno Announces Collaborative LP with Underworld's Karl Hyde

Electronic music innovator and production icon Brian Eno has announced today that his next record will be an album written and recorded in collaboration with Underworld co-founder Karl Hyde. Called Someday World, the nine-song LP will feature guest appearances from a host supporting musicians, and is said to feature "deliberately irregular and awkward" songs (or "constructions") composed and sung by the two artists. Eno and Hyde are said to have bonded over a "love of Afrobeat, cyclical music based in live playing" while working on their record, which may be an indication of the kind of music to expect when Someday World drops on May 6 via Warp. Before then, the forthcoming album's artwork and tracklist can be found below.

01. The Satellites
02. Daddy’s Car
03. A Man Wakes Up
04. Witness
05. Strip It Down
06. Mother Of A Dog
07. Who Rings The Bell
08. When I Built This World
09. To Us All