Mike Paradinas' Heterotic Project Announces Sophomore LP

After issuing its debut LP as Heterotic last year, the collaborative husaband-and-wife project of Planet Mu label boss Mike Paradinas (a.k.a. ?-Ziq) and Lara Rix-Martin will issue its sophomore album in April. Extensively featuring the talents of French vocalist Vezelay, the forthcoming Weird Drift LP is said to offer a set of "confident and thoughtful pop songs" which continue to "retain the sleepy cushion of steamy synth pop that made the [groups'] first record so rewarding to listen to."

Heterotic's upcoming 12-track effort will be preceeded by the group's Rain EP, which was first announced last month and is set to drop on February 25. Before Weird Drift arrives on April 28 via Planet Mu, its artwork and tracklist are included below, and previews of each song from the record can be heard here.

01 Self-Importance
02 Rain feat. Vezelay
03 Boxes feat. Vezelay
04 Lumber feat. Vezelay
05 Liverpool
06 Sultana
07 Triumph feat. Vezelay
08 Florence feat. Vezelay
09 Shoe Soul feat. Vezelay
10 Foghorn
11 Amniotic
12 Empires feat. Vezelay