Video Premiere: Penny "Pen#1"

London-based producer Asher Levitas (who is also half of Old Apparatus and Saa) and writer/artist Michael Crowe have recently teamed up to form a new A/V project titled Penny, as well as an imprint called Overshare, with the upcoming Penny EP slated as the label's first release on March 17. As a taste of that record, the duo has given us the premiere of a new video for haunting EP cut "Pen#1."

Levitas' audio work for Penny is said to incorporate the "spectral R&B, mutant techno, sombre acid house, and technicolor industrial" sounds, with Crowe providing "caps-locked costumes" for the music. "Pen#1" aptly fits the duo's description, with its abstract deconstructions of found footage and clumps of fluorescent colors bursting against unsettled voices and sporadic synth ruptures. Penny's glitchy visual experience forges a uniquely surreal atmosphere that is smart, bold, and utterly disturbing with the track's paralyzing beat leading the rush.