Innerspace Halflife Announces Debut LP

Over the past two years, the Chicago duo of Ike Release and Hakim Murphy (a.k.a. Innerspace Halflife) has quietly built an incredible arsenal of hardware-driven house releases, dropping records for labels like Skudge, M>O>S, Latency, and others, including Murphy's own Machining Dreams imprint. Next month, the cosmos-minded pair will be making a bit louder of a statement with Astral Traveling, its first full-length album. The LP is scheduled to appear in mid-April via Synapsis Records, another Windy City label that Murphy has a hand in running.

Astral Traveling comes right on the heels of Orbital Maneuvers, a four-track EP that Innerspace Halflife dropped just a few weeks ago. As for the album, it's described as coming "straight from the universal psyche," with nine songs that have been "articulated with the tools of human perception through waveforms." On a more practical level, it's said to "take a listener on a journey of spacey pads, longing melodies, electronic bass notes, and jacking drum programming." No music from the record has been shared yet, but the artwork and tracklist for Astral Traveling are below.

1. Teardrop from Nebula 1122+22
2. Particle Burst
3. Breaking Lights
4. Ionic Transport
5. Starfields
6. Galaxy Dreaming
7. Magical Rings
8. Acid Dust
9. Escape System