Prins Thomas Announces Third Album

Following the announcement of the 10 Years Of Full Pupp compilation, Full Pupp label boss Prins Thomas has unveiled Prins Thomas III, the enduring Norwegian artist's third full-length album. Said to exist somewhere between the varying sounds of his two previous LPs, the upcoming release is described as offering "no space-disco, but still plenty of space." Prins Thomas III marries together ideas that the DJ/producer had during the recording of his first two albums, which he is bringing together in "some kind of musical (dis)harmony" on the new album's 11 tracks. Prins Thomas III is set to appear on April 28 via Full Pupp, but its artwork and tracklist can be seen before then, below.

01. Hans Majestet
02. Arabisk Natt (Dub)
03. Kameleon
04. 2000 Lysår fra Morellveien
05. Enmannsrock
06. Kavaler
07. Luftspeiling
08. Oase
09. Trans
10. Labyrint
11. Åpne Slusa