RVNG Readies New Archival Release from Generative Composer K. Leimer

RVNG is quickly expanding its archival series of releases. Having shared details of its plans to reissue three classic synthesizer albums from Craig Leon earlier this month, the label announced today the forthcoming A Period Of Review collection, which gathers unreleased works from undersung ambient composer K. Leimer.

Known for crafting generative compositions—that is, pieces of music that arise from a predetermined system, rather than exact notation—Leimer launched his own label, Palace of Lights, in 1979 while living in Seattle. Following its launch, the label served as the home to all of Leimer's work until 1983. This is largely the period RVNG's collection is concerned with, collecting the composer's unheard material from that era.

With the full title A Period Of Review (Original Recordings: 1975 - 1983), the forthcoming collection is said to incorporate compositions marked by "saturated fields of percolating beats, stark razed spaces, and grave and gently developed glimpses of beauty." Furthermore, Leimer's loop-based work is described as "hypnotic, arcadian terraces [with] nearly narcotic glacial beauty," a fact RVNG hopes will help Leimer and A Period of Review gain their "rightful place in the canon of pioneering ambient music."

K. Leimer's A Period Of Review (Original Recordings: 1975 - 1983) will see a full release on May 13. In the meantime, the collection's tracklist is included below along with a video for the piano-based "Gisella" composition.

01. Ceylon
02. My Timid Desires
03. From My Common Center
04. Explanation of Terms
05. From One To Ten
06. Entr'acte
07. Bump In The Night
08. (aka accident)
09. Facing East
10. At Daybreak
11. A Spiritual Life
12. Honey To Ashes
13. Stop It!
14. Two Voices
15. Lonely Boy
16. Practical Demonstration
17. Commercial
18. Gisella
19. Archie's Dub
20. Ikumi
21. Reassurances
22. Assemble and Diffuse
23. Eno's Aviary
24. Almost Chinese
25. Agfa / Lupa
26. The Phonic Chasm (feat. Dawn Seago)
27. Acquiescence
28. Malaise
29. All Sad Days
30. Porcelain (feat. Nancy Estle)