SFV Acid Details Sophomore LP, Streams New Single

Oddball LA producer SFV Acid (a.k.a. Zane Reynolds) has sent over the details of his sophomore LP for UNO, titled Amber's Songs. Following a year after his 2013 debut album The Dwell, Reynolds' next record features 10 tracks which delve into the softer realms of his production work, having been created in the week following a breakup. Named after Reynold's former lover, Amber's Songs is said to be "proof that love with someone is a bad excuse for not wanting to feel alone."

Our first taste of the album comes from "Cheddar Mercedes," a minimal tune topped with bubbly synths and relaxing drum breaks that stands as one of the few "high tension" tracks from Amber's Songs. Before SFV Acid's next LP drops on April 25, its lead single and tracklist can be found below.

01. Fage Kisses
02. Cheddar Mercedes
03. Pink iPhone
04. Dirty Martini
05. Art & Drawings
06. Bejeweled iMac
07. Vanilla Musk
08. Video Journeys
09. Pillows
10. And No Stress