Video Premiere: Titts "Woef"

Titts, a collaborative effort from Jameszoo and Y'skid, has unveiled its upcoming single "Woef" and shared the track's new video ahead of its release. Created by Opslaan Als, the bizarre, CGI-rendered story follows a peculiar man—donning only a pair of bright-pink boxer shorts—in his surreal quest to find his daughter's missing dog in a forrest, while Titts' wonky tune leads the narrative. A series of silly and unfortunate events lead to the climax of "Woef," during which the lead character is spliced together with the dog (à la The Fly) and the monstrous creation barbarically murders the mother and lovingly embracing the daughter. Titts will drop "Woef" on March 24 via Rwina, and has plans to follow up the single with another EP later this year.