Aybee and Afrikan Sciences Ready Collaborative LP

The main forces behind the always inventive Deepblak label, Aybee and Afrikan Sciences, have announced plans to release a new collaborative album this summer. The forthcoming Sketches of Space LP—named in part as an homage to Miles Davis' classic Sketches of Spain album—is said to be comprised of six live jam sessions recorded over a three-year span in both Berlin (where Aybee resides) and Oakland (the home base for Afrikan Sciences). Still, the record's announcement is quick to point out that the music contained within Sketches of Space does not remix or in any way reinterpret the work of Miles Davis, rather the pair see the LP's title as a way of "honoring [Davis'] pioneering spirit, from which this project drew fuel." Furthermore, the pair point to the "free-flowing vibes of the '70s jazz-fusion era" as a large source of inspiration for Sketches of Space, specifically the jazz scene's early experimentations with electronic instruments.

Described as "wild, cosmic, and smooth at times," the results of Aybee's and Afrikan Sciences' joint jam sessions can be heard in full when Sketches of Space sees a release sometime in July. Before then, the record's artwork and tracklist are included below. (via Resident Advisor)

A1 Deep East Suite Part 01 (The Call)
B1 Deep East Suite Part 02 (Response)
C1 Deep East Suite Part 03 (Sunward)
C2 K-Fetisch 01 (Kosmo Bahn)
D1 K-Fetisch 02 (Vibes)
D2 Knew What’s Coming (Sculpture)