Modeselektor Announces Third 'Modeselektion' Comp

The DJ/producers and label co-founders of enduring German duo Modeselektor have announced the follow up to 2012's solid Modeselektion Vol. 2 compilation, the third collection of exclusive tracks to arrive from Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. Boasting two discs in its CD format, two LPs in its vinyl format, and 19 tracks in its digital format, Modeselektion Vol. 3 is a star-studded affair which offers never-before-heard music from the likes of Nosaj Thing, Akkord, L-Vis 1990, Fennesz, French Fries, To Rococo Rot, Illum Sphere, Onra, Schlachthofbronx, Robot Koch, Omar Souleyman, and, oddly enough, The Fall, among others. There is no music from Modeselektor, however, aside from an edit the pair does for Souleyman.

In a press release for Modeselektion Vol. 3, Bronsert's and Szary's methods of curation are illuminated: "Any selection is only as great as the distance between its most diverse elements—the greater, the better—but only if the compilation manages to shrink this gap down to nothing in a flash, convincing us that the gloriously heterogeneous mix couldn’t be any more cohesive. Also, any selection improves exponentially with the number of surprises and discoveries." The duo continues, explaining, "Naturally, the art of selection is all about balancing these opposing poles in a way that makes it pretty much impossible—or at least entirely unfair—to pick out isolated highlights. But we’ll throw in a few teasers to whet your appetite. Generally speaking, this one is all about a little less in-your-face and a touch more schmaltz, but the usual dose of head and heart." Before Modeselektor's latest compilation arrives in all of its formats on June 27 via the duo's Monkeytown label, its artwork and tracklists can be found below. More information is available here.

CD01 / Download
1 Fennesz "TOM"
2 Nosaj Thing "Dy"
3 Solar Year "Way"
4 The Fall "Fibre Book Troll"
5 To Rococo Rot "Miles An Hour" 6 Cid Rim "Pastis"
7 Akkord "Gradient"
8 Robot Koch "Sun"
9 Howling "Signs"
10 Born In Flamez "Time Hurtz"

CD02 / Download
1 L-Vis1990 "Funk 4D"
2 Schlachthofbronx feat. Buraka Som Sistema "Volumen"
3 Illum Sphere "Bullet"
4 French Fries "Shift"
5 Alex Banks "Be the One feat. Elizabeth Bernholz"
6 Onra "Blast"
7 Henrik Schwarz "We Are Bankrupt"
8 Brandt Brauer Frick feat. Vic Mensa & Om'Mas Keith "Jungle Love"
9 Omar Souleyman "Edamat / Modeselektor Edit"

A1 Fennesz "TOM"
A2 Nosaj Thing "Dy"
A3 Solar Year "Way"
B1 To Rococo Rot "Miles An Hour"
B2 Cid Rim "Pastis"
C1 Akkord "Gradient"
C2 Robot Koch "Sun"
D1 Howling "Signs"
D2 Born In Flamez "Time Hurtz"