Secret Circuit Readies Collection of Early Cassette Works; Preview It Now

Eccentric Los Angeles producer Secret Circuit will release Cosmic Vibrations, the second and final installment in a series which has collected the artist's diverse early works, originally released as cassette-only affairs. Set to appear via the Emotional Response label (who released the first collection of the series in 2012), the 12-track album is said to find Secret Circuit traversing into less dancefloor-oriented material than was presented on last year's Tactile Galactics LP for Beats in Space. Instead, Cosmic Vibrations offers a glimpse into "a melting pot of psychedelia, techno, Balearic, and ambient to create an electronic gem, but all done with a wry smile... rather than today’s penchant for moody seriousness."

Collecting works from Secret Circuit dating from 1996 to 2012, the forthcoming collection will see a full release on June 9. In the meantime, each track from the forthcoming Cosmic Vibrations LP can be previewed via the player below. (via Juno Plus)