Video Premiere: Deft "Emeralds"

Following the release of his Always Greener EP last month via Wotnot (a record which can be streamed in full here), Croydon-based producer Deft has unveiled a new video for EP cut "Emeralds." Directed by Jack Carmelo & Thomas Rafferty, the purposefully disorienting video begins with rapid cuts of an intoxicated twenty-something stumbling around his apartment, the street, and various locales, all the while trying to find a specific girl amidst a sea of masked partygoers. His drunken state is only heightened by the track's hypnotic low-end and footwork-oriented rhythms, which come laced with a series of effervescent synth arpeggios. As the video nears its end, the young man finally finds the companion he's been searching for, only to find her completely passed out (or possibly dead), as Deft's mesmerizing production comes to a close.