Opal Tapes Releases New Compilation, 'Cambiare'

Opal Tapes got its start two years ago as a DIY tape label, but has quickly built momentum with an enviable release schedule. Headed by Stephen Bishop (a.k.a. Basic House), issues from the UK-based outfit and its newer, vinyl-only Black Opal subsidiary register across a wide spectrum of homebrewed, lo-fi electronics, from the warped synth tunings of 1991 to Lumisokea's saturated, greyscale industrials. And yesterday, the label quietly posted up a new compilation. Cambiare is Opal Tapes' third compilation to date, and intersperses contributions from standing affiliates such as Yves de May, Karen Gwyer, and Holver with new additions like Worker/Parasite and D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.

The compilation extends across 14 tracks (listed below), and can be previewed on Bandcamp and purchased for £1.

01. Body Boys – Monastery
02. BAT – Old Mice
03. WOMB – Hard Lines
04. Yves De Mey – Faux Movements
05. Absurder – We All Have A Past
07. Beau Six-0 – Mummification Song
08. Aniello – 10
09. Siobhan – Luxor Liquor
10. Worker/Parasite – Prophet
11. Karen Gwyer – Girl With Pitbull
12. KETEV – Aleph
13. Alis – ASP
14. HOLOVR – Space Weight