Ada Readies New LP For Pampa

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It's been quite a while since producer Michaela Dippel (a.k.a. Ada) dropped her debut full-length, Blondie, back in 2004. Now, news has come that the DJ Koze-run Pampa imprint will be releasing a new album of lofty, pop-tinged tracks from the German producer next month. The forthcoming LP, entitled Meine Zarten Pfoten (German for "my tender paws," of course), is said to see Dippel shedding, to a certain degree, the strict adherence to the four-on-the-floor ways of her debut outing, instead crafting an album that is said to focus on light, glowing textures. And with statements adorning her press release describing the album as "Pop in its broadest sense, but ultimately a work of music that radiates such an amazing warmth and tranquility that it will even sedate the biggest nervous wreck into a state of subtle receptiveness," we're eager to hear the results. If you've forgotten where Ada dropped us off seven years ago, we've thrown a stream of the excellent "Eve," from Blondie (and its equally excellent DJ Koze remix) following the forthcoming release's artwork and tracklist, below. Meine Zarten Pfoten is out June 10.


1. Faith
2. On the Mend
3. Likely
4.The Jazz Singer (Re-Imagined by Ada)
5. Intro
6. At the Gate
7. Interlude
8. Happy Birthday
9. 2 Likely