Afrikan Sciences Readies Second LP for Deepblak

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Somewhere between the realms of ambling, galactic techno and texturized instrumental hip-hop is Oakland producer Afrikan Sciences, who has been quietly honing his unique sound across releases for hometown label Deepblak since 2006. Now, the artist born Eric Douglass is preparing to add another LP to his discography, the 11-track Theta Wave Brain Sync. The release will mark Afrikan Science's sophomore full-length when it drops next month, and is said to "build on [his] ethos of free-form exploration of rhythm, dance, and sound," while "utilizing an expansive rhythmic dialect" to transport listeners to a "special place where numbers and counting are rendered meaningless, leaving nothing left for the listener but the groove." Before Theta Wave Brain Sync appears as a double-LP on October 23, its artwork and tracklist can be found below.

A1. Sage Projection
A2. Need Want Have
A3. A Trove
B1. As You Were Brother
B2. What Who What, The Bazooka Was Who
B3. Theta Wave Brain Sync
C1. New Morning
C2. o4U
C3. A Healthy Turn Around
D1. Monseq Q
D2. Magnetism Is More Intelligent Than Force