AIAIAI Team Up with Modeselektor for a Special TMA-2 Modular Edition

The TMA-2 Modeselektor Edition will be a 500 limited edition version.
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Copenhagen meets Berlin as headphone makers AIAIAI and critically acclaimed electronic music duo, Modeselektor, join forces for a special edition headphone. Configured and designed in collaboration with one of dance music’s biggest duos, the TMA-2 Modeselektor Edition gets its worldwide release today. The TMA-2 Modeselektor Edition will be a 500 limited edition version.

No one does versatility quite like Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary (a.k.a. Modeselektor). Heavily steeped in the rich, consistently shifting, diverse electronic tradition of Berlin, the they now lend their inimitable skills and knowledge to AIAIAI’s modular headphone system. As they frequently switch between producing, DJing and playing live with co-conspirator, Apparat, Modeselektor make the perfect operators of the wide range of options and possibilities that the interchangeable headphone system offers.

Gernot Bronsert, Modeselektor:

"We played around with all the components and ended up with this model, which is a really good sounding headphone which can cut through the noise in a club environment. These are true club headphones.”

The TMA-2 Modular headphone system was launched to accommodate a growing need for versatility within headphones. Following an extensive development process, involving the input from some of the world’s leading artists, DJs and producers, the final outcome was a versatile system that lets you choose between 500 different headphone combinations.