Alex Smoke Readies Album for Convex Industries as Wraetlic, Shares Video

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Convex Industries is set to release multifaceted electronic producer Alex Smoke's debut album as Wraetlic next February, and has shared a video for "Rats," a song from the eponymous LP, ahead of its due date. Leaning toward the deeper, darker side of techno, Wraetlic features both bass-heavy, club-oriented numbers and raw, wraith-like material, in addition to remixes from label head Jon Convex, dBridge, and Paul Rose (a.k.a. Scuba) operating as SCB. The 14-track offering will be released on 10" vinyl and digital formats on February 4, but you can check out its tracklist and preview a few of its tunes, as well as watch the "Rats" video, below.

1. Anothering
2. Scunner
3. PintleGrist
4. There Without
5. Refrain

6. Skinflint
7. Hymn To The Departed
8. The Dearth
9. Better The Devil
10. Rats
11. The Watchful Eye

12. Scunner [Jon Convex's Deconstructed Mix]
13. Better The Devil [DBridge's Advocate Mix]
14. Rats [SCB Edit]