Anonymous Artist DiNT Returns to Horo

'Hooker' and 'Hooker Remixed' EPs will land on March 9.
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After debuting on Horo in 2015 with The Black Drug EP, the anonymous artist DiNT will return to the label with the Hooker and Hooker Remixed EPs.

Horo, a Berlin-based imprint, has released music by Ancestral Voices, ASC, Homemade Weapons, Grabenstein, Ena, SNTS, Pact Infernal, Sam KDC, Lemna, etc.

We're told that the EPs offer "adrenaline-fuelled energy, corrosive rhythms, powerful vocals; while remixes by OAKE, Codex Empire, Ontal, and ANFS take the EP into "another realm."


Hooker | HOROEX13

A1 / 1. Hooker
A2 / 2. Shovel
B1 / 3. Skewer

Hooker Remixed | HOROEX13R

A1 / 4. Shovel (Ontal Remix)
A2 / 5. Skewer (ANFS Remix)
B1 / 6. Skewer Shovel (Codex Empire Remix)
B2 / 7. Hooker (Oake Remix)

Hooker and Hooker Remixed EPs will land on March 9, with "Skewer" streaming in full below.

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