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Kids nationwide may be enamored of the recent wave of new psych bands–the spacious drone of Sunn 0))), the noodling, mathy sounds of Battles, and the ethereal pop of Grizzly Bear–but Anthology Recordings, a digital reissue label consistently offering praiseworthy releases, is here to ensure a refreshing dose of psych-ancestry will also reach the ears of the youth. Here are a few forthcoming gems from the label’s digital-reissue vault.

Chickasha, Oklahoma’s Debris released its sole LP, Static Disposal, in 1976. This pre-punk trip through psychedelic mayhem, which radiates with the pissed-off energy of The Stooges, will be offered as a download with rare photos and an extensive biography of the band.

Germany’s Night Sun made prog-rock history with 1972’s Mournin’, an acid-tinged, organ-laced metal masterpiece. The band might draw comparisons to Deep Purple and Sabbath these days, but Mournin’ seems, to our ears, made up of far heavier stuff.

The Lucifer Rising soundtrack finds Bobby BeauSoleil and The Freedom Orchestra crafting psych-chamber instrumentals to Kenneth Anger’s legendary film that are as spellbinding as the drama surrounding both the film and the soundtrack’s completion.

Indiana’s Anonymous changed its name to J. Rider, and consequently offered up No Longer Anonymous to fans, a pristine, Fleetwood Mac-esque, studio pop-rock album that made 2001 a great year.

Prolific hardcore-punk legend Urban Waste–whose heyday took place in the early ’80s New York scene–sees another day with its highly sought-after, self-titled 12”. (Computer-friendly punks couldn’t be more excited.) This was the band’s the sole EP.

Future releases from Anthology will include The Lovers & The Chariot, Contraction, and The Operetta from Ya Ho Wah 13, a slew of releases from Finnish label Love Records, and collaborations with Illinois-based Lion Productions, a similar psych-reissue label.

All albums and tracks are available through Anthology Recordings