Appleblim and Second Storey Prep Debut EP as ALSO for R&S

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The debut EP from ALSO—a new collaboration between Appleblim and Second Storey (pictured above)—is on the way. The two UK producers reportedly came together through a shared love of "Detroit machine rhythms and sleek electronic grooves." Their forthcoming EP01 (set for release via R&S) reportedly reflects a shared interest in pushing their respective boundaries, and comprises four loose cuts from live studio sessions. "If that means broken rhythms and non-traditional melodies then so be it," Appleblim (who recently delivered an XLR8R podcast) is quoted as saying in the press release. "There's so many people making sonically 'correct' or refined 4x4 music. We just wanted to explore everything other than that, while still keeping the dancefloor moving."

EP01 is set for release on November 24, not long after Second Storey's debut full-length—Double Divide—is due to arrive via Houndstooth. Both a tracklist and artwork for the forthcoming EP can be found below.

1. Sid's Conundrum
2. Ashford Swaiths
3. Dive Prophets