AYBEE Debuts Second Short Film, 'A Message'

The nine-minute film is released in memory of Derrick Curtis (a.k.a Dreams From Last Night).
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A Message

AYBEE has unveiled his second short film, "A Message," the follow-up to his directorial debut, "The Gift," which premiered at Washington DC's Forward festival in 2015, and featured appearances by Levon Vincent, Fred P and Christopher Rau.

As with the prior film, '"A Message" is directed and scored by the Deepblak boss himself. The nine-minute dialog-free film was shot in a mysterious Berlin location. A track from the Oakland producer's forthcoming LP, set for release in August 2016, is featured on the soundtrack.

The film was originally produced to form part of a larger project, but is now released as a standalone movie dedicated to the memory of Derrick Curtis (a.k.a Dreams From Last Night) following the North Carolina-based Deepblak artist's death in July 2016.


'The film was originally supposed to be a lead into an upcoming project, but with the sudden passing of DFLN during post production I decided to make it a dedication to him. The film involves an encounter with a gatekeeper to the other "side" in the hopes of delivering a message.'