Bird Peterson Unveils Drankenstein, Confuses XLR8R Staff

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Earlier today, Austin-based DJ/producer Bird Peterson posted a new mixtape, Drankenstein, on the Mad Decent blog. Purportedly inspired by his love of "the Dirty South and the use of trance synths in current rap," Drankenstein features 15 tracks layering crunk acapellas over "classic" trance melodies. No, we're not joking. Gucci Mane is on the same mix as Paul van Dyk and Art of Trance. Honestly, we were so ready to hate on this—it's a mixtape full of crunk-trance mash-ups, and yes, that kind of sounds like the worst idea ever. But after giving it a listen, we've got to admit that the concept kind... of... works. And although our internal coolness alarms prevent us from coming out and saying, "this is awesome," a lot of these tunes sound just as good, if not better, than the dreck on the radio these days.

The whole mix is available for free download from Mad Decent, but peep the tracklist below.