Bizzart Releases Bloodshot Mama


When XLR8R released its LA issue in 2003, one page featured a quirky looking spoken word MC who went by the name of Bizzart and specialized in unorthodox rhyming and theatrics. Fast forward to the end of 2006, and Arthur Arellanes III is back under the same moniker but with a look and feel that leaves the phrase "taking a left turn" as something of an understatement.

Now immersing himself in circuit-bent hip-hop with a distinctly darker edge to it, Arellanes marries boom bap with twisted jazz, perhaps interpreting and addressing events in his childhood, which is publicly known to have been unsettling. Whether its that or that he simply wants to do something different with music, the change is welcome, if not somewhat bizarre.

Bloodshot Mama is out October 31, 2006 on Sounds Are Active.

Track List

1. Suicide Bomber's Parade
2. Stumbling Blocks
3. Drifter
4. Shark Skin Humans
5. Liquid Beast
6. Dreams Of Sparrows
7. Bloodshot Mama
8. Mount Washington Blue And Red
9. Blank Forest