Black Devil Disco Club to Return with New Album

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It has been quite some time since we've heard from elusive Parisian producer Bernad Fevre (a.k.a. Black Devil Disco Club), so it's with some surprise that we learned of a forthcoming full-length from the proto-house veteran. Set for release on October 31 via Lo Recordings, Black Sun White Moon will feature eight tracks that Fevre described as "your own personal gateway to an altered state of mind." In discussing the album's creation, the producer says, "I imagined myself in the skin of a shaman whose ceremony begins with the Sun Totem Dance, I allowed myself to express my primitive, feminine, and animal natures. This is an invitation to join me on a journey that is disturbing, shocking, and disconcerting, but also more colorful than ever before, more generous, full of love. This is an invitation to a pagan festival.” "Maymallow," the first single from Black Sun White Moon, is set to drop on September 9, but before then, the album's artwork, tracklist, and trailer can be seen below.

1. Sun Dance Totem
2. Bee Boop
3. T.hoo
4. Maymallow
5. Star Dot Com
6. The Kid In Mee
7. Three Notes
8. Mexo Mambo