Black Moth Super Rainbow Frontman to Release Second Solo Album

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Tobacco, the elusive, partially anonymous frontman for Pennsylvania's psych-pop outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow, is about to deliver his follow-up to the 2008 debut solo album, Fucked Up Friends. Maniac Meat comes to us May 25 on Bay Area hip-hop-cum-indie label Anticon, and is purported to contain the same kind of vintage analog synth tones, crunchy head-nodding beats, and gritty earth-toned atmospheres readily available on most of Tobacco's musical work. So what's new? Well, superstar indie-supporter Beck makes the sole guest appearance on two tracks from Maniac Meat. Check out the totally wacky artwork and album tracklist below.

01. Constellation Dirtbike Head
02. Fresh Hex (Featuring Beck)
03. Mexican Icecream
04. Lick The Witch
05. Sweatmother
06. Motorlicker
07. Unholy Demon Rhythms
08. Heavy Makeup
09. Grape Aerosmith (Featuring Beck)
10. New Juices From The Hot Tub Freaks
11. Six Royal Vipers
12. Overheater
13. Creepy Phone Calls
14. TV All Greasy
15. Stretch Your Face
16. Nuclear Waste Aerobics