BNJMN to Release New EP via Rush Hour

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Yesterday, we reported on a new mix from BNJMN, and today, the UK-based DJ/producer has detailed a forthcoming 12" for Rush Hour. Called Hummingbird, the new EP is said to be directly inspired by the bird of the same name—more specifically, the ultra-fast wing speed which gives it the ability to fly slower than other birds. According to the artist, "This seemed to tie in with some ideas I'd been playing around with, to create tracks that are fast and accelerated, but could also sound slow." The record features three new productions from BNJMN which excel at the producer's particular brand of melodic, sparkling house, and also includes the first ever remix from Legowelt's and Xosar's collaborative Xamiga project. Before it drops on July 8, the artwork and tracklist for Hummingbird can be found below, and a preview of its four tracks is available to hear over on Juno.

A1. Hummingbird
A2. Slowwave
B2. Hummingbird (Xamiga Remix)