Boiler Room Montreal Debuts Tomorrow with Grown Folk, CFCF, and More

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Montreal has been one of the most fertile hotbeds for creative electronic music in recent years, and so it was really only a matter of time before international-streaming party Boiler Room touched down for a—hopefully ongoing—showcase in the Canadian city. With sets from neo-R&B auteur D'eon, shapeshifting producer CFCF, and rising production duo Grown Folk looking particularly enticing, Boiler Room Montreal 001 will be streaming live tomorrow from 7 pm to 11 pm EST—though even the furthest depths of our imagination are having trouble figuring out exactly what a headlining Purity Ring DJ set will entail (let's just hope Megan James doesn't feel the need to take on any MC duties in the process). While the city certainly has the depth of talent to justify an ongoing series, it is still a bit unclear at this point if tomorrow's four-hour broadcast will launch a regular Boiler Room Montreal showcase, but the "001" tagged on the end of the flyer does seem to signal such an endeavor is in the works. When the time is right, Boiler Room's live broadcast from Montreal can be streamed here.