Bot'Ox Preps New Single for Death From Abroad

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Cosmo Vitelli and Julien Briffaz just dropped a new single in our laps, further proving that when two highly-ranked Parisian producers join forces, only good can come of it. "Babylon By Car/Tragedy Symphony," made under the duo's Bot'Ox moniker, marks the fourth release for DFA-offshoot label Death From Abroad, and it's a fine example of how dance music can still be compelling, with layers of live guitars, bass, and drums are slathered over dark disco beats and a zillion tempo changes.

According to the group's MySpace page, one Mark Kerr was recently added to the outfit to do vocals. Hopefully he'll lend his skills to the forthcoming full-length we've heard rumor of...

Watch the video for "Crashed Cadillac."