Buck 65, Greetings from Tuskan Team Up


The never-ending cannonade of projects coming out of the anticon. stable have always managed to seize our attention, but this new one, from Canadian rapper Richard Terfry (Buck 65) and Belgian electronicist Joelle Phuong Minh Le (Greetings From Tuskan), called Bike For Three! has got us doubly stoked this time.

For the pair's debut album, More Heart Then Brains, Terfry and Phuong unleash their superpowers full steam: Phuong Minh Le with her ambient beatscapes and Terfry with his rhyme-spitting mastery. What’s awesome about this album is that the two have never met in the flesh, and constructed the tracks by mailing bits and pieces to each other from their native homelands. The result is Terfry’s first all-electronic production to date, and from what we can hear on tracks like “Lazarus Phenomenon” and “First Embrace,” a damn good one at that.

More Heart Then Brains
01 "Beginning"
02 "All There Is To Say About Love"
03 "Lazarus Phenomenon"
04 "Nightdriving"
05 "There Is Only One Of Us"
06 "No Idea How"
07 "Always I Will Miss You, Always You"
08 "The Departure"
09 "First Embrace"
10 "Can’t Feel Love (Anymore)"
11 "One More Time Forever”
12 "MC Space"
13 "Let’s Never Meet"
14 "More Heart Then Brains"
15 "Ending"