Check Out a Mix of "Undiscovered" Detroit Artists

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Detroit producer North Lake, whose track "Journey to the Center of the Sun" kicks off John Talabot's recently released DJ-Kicks mix album, has chosen to highlight some of his city's lesser known artists with a new mix of his own that he's appropriately called Undiscovered Detroit. North Lake described his set as "centered around the sounds coming out of my favorite after-hours loft in Detroit, Adult Contemporary. Most of the tracks are by artists who play (or live) there, with a couple extra tracks thrown in to help connect the dots." The 50-minute mix, which features such names as Solid Liquid, Swiss producer Ripperton (as Headless Ghost, pictured above), can be streamed in its entirety below, courtesy of Dummy.

1. Bones Christiansen - Forgotten Tapes pt. 2
2. North Lake - Murdermania
3. Headless Ghost - 11
4. Radio Brovold - cut from live set
5. Solid Liquid - Valley of the Shadow
6. Radio Brovold - cut from live set
7. Clip! - Everything
8. Headless Ghost - Out
9. Clip! - Missing Out
10. Oswld - Pyblz
11. Inter Gritty - KRK
12. North Lake - Insomnia
13. North Lake - Untitled
14. HLEP - Chile pt.