Check Out Blondes' New Remix for Downliners Sekt

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Following the release of its Silent Ascent LP earlier this year, Barcelona-based pair Downliners Sekt (pictured above) have enlisted a number of similarly adventurous outfits to rework tracks from the album for a forthcoming remix package. Set to appear alongside remixes from patten, Chevel, and others, NYC duo Blondes' contribution to that effort is now streaming in full.

In its original form, Downliners Sekt's "Hors Phase" is basically an interlude, albeit one packed with dense textures and marked by the pair's penchant for detailed sound design. With its remix, Blondes smartly elect to extend "Hors Phase" far beyond its original run time, stretching the original production's sonic elements across a bed of thick kicks, generously processed hats, and an engulfing array of pulsing synth tones. A stream of the full rework from Blondes (who were featured in an In the Studio piece around this time last year) is premiering below before the Silent Ascent - Remixed package lands on October 13 via InFiné.