Clark Shares New Mix

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With just over a week left before Clark's self-titled LP for Warp arrives, the UK producer has put together a new mix of disparate electronic sounds. Appearing as part of The Fader's ongoing mix series, Clark's hour-long session begins with a few handmade hip-hop remixes before folding in efforts from Arca, Antony Shakir, Lakker, Randomer, Lukid, and Surgeon, among others. A number of "untitled" Clark productions are also included in the mix which takes time out to include one track from Warp's seminal LFO duo, a member of which—Mark Bell—sadly passed away earlier this month.

Clark's new mix can be streamed in full below, while The Fader's coinciding interview with the artist can be read here; the veteran Warp producer's next outing for the label sees its official release on November 3.

Clark - Untitled No Church In The Wild Acapella
Clark - Untitled Clipse Wamp Wamp Acapella
Arca - Family Violence
Clark - Untitled Die Antwoord Dis Iz Why I'm Hot Acapella
Fiedel - Detour
Antony Shakir - Frenchie
Jaga Jazzist - Bananfluer Overalt (Clark Remix)
Andrea - Draine
Herva - Until
Lakker - Mountain Divide
Spaces - Lever
Dexter - Intruder
Der Zyklus - Eigenface
DJ David Attenborough - Red Spider documentary
Randomer - Real Talk
LFO - Tied Up sweep mix
Lukid - Born In Bosnia
Surgeon - Fixed Action Pattern (Dub Mix)
Sunno - Cursed Realm of Winter Demons
Clark - Untitled Modular Jam
DJ Godfather - Medley
Clark - Untitled Trina Acapella
Lag - Sama Donna
Clark - Untitled Beat/Where Is Jessica Hyde Cristobal Tapia De Veer