Clouds Preps Compilation for Turbo, Shares New Mix

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Given the results of Scotland's independence referendum, today seems like an appropriate time for Turbo to introduce a compilation of "hardcore Scottish hooligan techno." Curated by local outfit Clouds, the forthcoming ...I Care Because You Don't reportedly finds the hard-hitting techno duo reaching "beyond the warehouse and into the wild apocalyptic rubble of po-mo UK hardcore," following a 2013 full-length for the label and an appearance earlier this year on respected Glaswegian imprint Soma. The compilation is scheduled to arrive on October 27, and we've included its tracklist below.

Clouds is also behind the latest Electronic Explorations mix, which comes loaded with tracks from the '90s, field recordings from a recent trip to Japan, and audio snippets from film and YouTube videos. "Just wanted to do something that was quite manky and a bit mad," the pair writes in the accompanying text. "A lot of the tunes sound quite grungy and a bit shady, but that’s what we went for on this one." The mix can be streamed in full below, and its tracklist can be found here.

...I Care Because You Don't
01. DJ Hesburger - Roll Up Your Sleeves, Welcome to the Dance
02. Space Yourself - Maximum Respect Goes Out To You All
03. Pure Genius Kang - Turtleneck X
04. Dance Company - Berzerkerz (Hardcore Young Team)
05. Boa Dona An Taus - Let's Bone 2 Drone
06. Clouds - Blood Skating
07. Pleasure Quest - Gubbed
08. General. Oscillator - Medieval Polyphonic Rington
09. DJ Bandit - MSN Hype
10. Space Runner Jp - Nissan Diesel
11. Unidentified Fleeing Object - Flesh Gordon
12. Clouds - Don't Sweat The Technique
13. Jane - Fuck Your Alliance
14. Dance Company - Berzerkerz (10 Pound Banger Mix)
15. Space Runner Jp - Fantasy Fire Bitch
16. An Introduction To Fantasy - ¥1,100,000,000