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Coldcut Release Ableton Max For Live Plugin

Inspired by Steve Reich, MidiVolve is an evolving arpeggiator, riff generator, and pattern sequencer.
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Ninja Tune founders Coldcut (a.k.a. Matt Black and Jonathan More) have released a new Ableton Max For Live plugin inspired by Steve Reich’s seminal Music for 18 Musicians.

MidiVolve is a Max For Live arpeggiator, riff generator, and pattern sequencer that automatically creates evolving MIDI patterns, in turn creating new riffs, melodies, and grooves. The plugin transforms recorded or imported MIDI clips by morphing various per-note parameters (velocity, pitch, duration, and two freely mappable lanes), with the user given control of the chance and degree of randomization applied to each.

The package also includes a library of 11 unique instruments (with 60 presets) and 8 audio effects racks that were developed in conjunction with Johannesburg musician and samplist Behr. The instrument racks are based on a 1GB library of sampled African instrumentation and sounds from Coldcut's archive.

You can purchase MidiVolve from Ableton here.