Crystal Stilts Tour with Vivian Girls

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The moody psych-rockers in Crystal Stilts will join lo-fi melody makers the Vivian Girls on the road for a handful of dates that kicks off today and will keep the two New York-based bands occupied for the rest of the month.

Meanwhile, Crystal Stilts' debut album, Alight of Night, is set for an October 28 release on Oakland, CA-based Slumberland Records. Prepare for an avant-garage assault.

08/05 Montreal, QC: Zoobizarre
08/06 Toronto, ON: Sneaky Dees
08/07 Lafayette, IN: Zooleggers
08/08 Chicago, IL: Subterranean
08/10 Bloomington, IN: Bears Place
08/11 Columbus, OH: Cafe Bourbon Street
08/12 Pittsburgh, PA: Rickety House
08/13 Washington, DC: DC9
08/14 Chapel Hill, NC: The Cave
08/15 Baltimore, MD: Nerve Center
08/16 Philadelphia, PA: Pi Lam
08/22 Brooklyn, NY: Death by Audio

MP3: Crystal Stilts "Crystal Stilts"
MP3: Vivian Girls "Where Do You Run To"