Daniel Avery Drops Mix, Shares New Video

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Nearly a year after the release of Drone Logic—London producer Daniel Avery's debut full-length for Phantasy—a new video has surfaced for the album's hypnotic closing cut, "Knowing We’ll Be Here." As the video's director Joshua Lipworth tells Dazed, the clip was inspired by the track's "euphoric distorted drones which sounded to me like a kind of drowning sensation.” Lipworth goes on to explain that "From research I found that before you die from drowning there is a reported euphoria that can last for several minutes as your brain is starved of oxygen, and I wanted to replicate that progression visually." The resulting video for "Knowing We’ll Be Here"—which was shot underwater on 35mm film that was later manually treated to multiple exposures—can be watched in full below.

In addition, Avery has also been tapped to deliver latest FACT mix, which arrives just before the launch of his Divided Love Fabric residency on August 15, and can be streamed and downloaded below as well.