Deadbeat Preps Album

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Montreal is lucky to claim Scott Monteith (a.k.a. Deadbeat) as one of its own, and the same goes for Berlin and the ~scape imprint. The rest of us should simply be pleased that the label is releasing Monteith’s fourth full-length, Journeyman’s Annual.

Working as Deadbeat, Monteith has always stayed close to dub, experimenting with any spacious possibilities surrounding the genre. His previous records fit the ambient-dub mold, but Journeyman’s Annual marks the first time he has taken his tracks straight to the dancefloor. “Refund Me” features Bubbz, a Bristol-based MC who spits over an electro-dancehall sound palette. Likewise, “Deep in the Country” is a fierce club banger chock full of sick, gut-rumbling bass, featuring Moral Undulations.

Less expected moments appear when former Godspeed You Black Emperor! and A Silver Mount Zion violinist Sophie Trudeau enters the powerful dubscape, adding her stringed instrument to “Lost Luggage.” With this much bass and musical variety, systems should be EQ’d, grass should be smoked, and bodies prepped.

Journeyman’s Annual is out June 19, 2007 on ~scape.

1. Lost Luggage
2. Melbourne Around Midnight
3. Night Train to Paris
4. Refund Me
5. Where Has My Love Gone
6. Deep in the Country
7. Turbulence
8. Gimme a Little Slack
9. Gimme a Little Dub
10. Loneliness and Revelry