Deadbeat to Drop 'Drawn & Quartered' Via His New BLKRTZ Label

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Berlin-based Canadian expat Scott Monteith (a.k.a. Deadbeat) has a couple of fresh endeavors in the works. The longstanding dub-techno producer has announced the formation of his own record label, BLKRTZ, which will drop its first release, a five-track album by Deadbeat called Drawn & Quartered, on June 20. The record is said to feature the artist "returning to his roots in the headiest and heaviest of dub business" across its five "extended" tracks, as well as "wrestling with the idea of time and its illusions in a myriad of ways." Before Deadbeat's Drawn & Quartered is available, you can check out its artwork and tracklist below.

01. First Quarter
02. Second Quarter
03. Third Quarter (The Vampire of Mumbai)
04. Fourth Quarter (Cala's House)
05. Plateau Quarter (Hope in Numbers)