Deep Teknologi Announces Remix Comp With Bok Bok, Altered Natives, T.Williams, and More

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Co-conspirators of dark, percussive UK sounds T.Williams and S.E.F. have been busy prepping a remix compilation as the next release for their excellent Deep Teknologi imprint. Simply titled Deep Teknologi - The Remixes, the forthcoming compilation has gathered a short but impressive list of respected UK bass purveyors to take on eight tracks from the label's young back catalog, including remixes from Bok Bok, Scratcha DVA, Altered Natives, and, unsurprisingly, T.Williams himself. You'll find a preview of the digital-only remix collection (set to drop May 23) below along with the artwork and complete tracklist.


1. Don Morris - In Da Groove (Bok Bok Remix)
2. J.Bevin - Jump Up (JTRP Remix)
3. J.Bevin - When It Comes (Altered Natives Remix)
4 T.Williams - Chop and Screw (J.Bevin Remix)
5. T.Williams - In The Deep (DVA High:Emotions Remix)
6. J.Bevin - When It Comes (T.Williams Remix)
7. T.Williams - Chop & Screw (MA1 Remix)
8. T.Williams - In The Deep (Zander Hardy Remix)