Deeplay Preps Re-Issue of Giorgio Moroder's "E=MC2"

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Italo pioneer Giorgio Moroder's 1979 classic "E=MC²" single is set to be re-released on December 2 via Scandinavia's Deeplay imprint. Labeled as the Italian Connection Remix Package, the re-release will include remixes of Moroder's tune from fellow Italians, including the likes of Alexander Robotnick and Daniele Baldelli. Evening out the retro aesthetic of the release, Deeplay will also include remixes from more contemporary Italian producers, like Rodion and Dionigi. You'll find the full tracklist for the E=MC² Italian Connection Remix Package below.

01 E=MC² (Alexander Robotnick Remix)
02 E=MC² (I-Robots Remix)
03 E=MC² (L.I.S. Rework)
04 E=MC² (Baldelli & Dionigi Remix)
05 E=MC² (Rodion Gran Manigheo Remix)
06 E=MC² (No More Klein & MBO Remix)