diskJokke Preps Debut Album for Smalltown Supersound

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What do you do for fun when you hail from a remote Norwegian town? First, you study classical music on the violin. Then, you discover electronic music and make friends with the likes of Linstrom, Prins Thomas, and the Get Physical crew, who will eventually release your classically-influenced electronic tracks that start a buzz about your abilities as a producer.

So goes the story for diskJokke (born Joachim Dyrdahl), the latest personality to rise from the Oslo music scene. In March 2008, Dyrdahl will release his debut album on Smalltown Supersound, and like the aforementioned Linstrom and Prins Thomas, his is a musical blend of house, Italo, and disco, with his classical influences woven between catchy hooks and sweeping melodies that are cinematic in scope. If now is the season to make obligatory predictions about who will be big in 2008, then we have a feeling this mathematics student–who has already had Spektrum and Bloc Party commission him for remixes–will be seeing many more tour dates next year than the handful listed below.

Photo by Carl Ählström.

1. Folk i farta
2. Staying In
3. Større enn først antatt
4. I was Go to Marroco and I Don't See You
5. Interpolation
6. Cold Out
7. Flott flyt
8. Glatt
9. The Dinner That Never Happened
10. Some Signs are Good

Show Dates
12/05 Oslo, NOR: Pigalle
12/15 Oslo, NOR: Cosmo
01/05 Stavanger, NOR: Sting
01/25 Oslo, NOR: The Villa
02/02 Oslo, NOR: Kharma
02/09 Oslo, NOR: Fabrikken
02/22 Oslo, NOR: By:Larm Festival
02/23 Oslo, NOR Nomaden