DJ Marky to Deliver Next 'FABRICLIVE' Mix

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Veteran drum & bass producer DJ Marky is next in line to release his own FABRICLIVE mix for the illustrious London mega-club. About 25 years into the Brazilian artist's music career he was finally approached to craft and release his contribution to the ongoing mix series, an opportunity he'd been anticipating for some time. As DJ Marky puts it: "When I got offered to work with Fabric, the first thing I asked was, 'When do I get to do a [mix] CD?' There are so many people that I love who have done them. Within a day of being asked to do the mix, I'd recorded it. It's so important to me and for my career; Fabric is famous all around the world and since my first Marky & Friends event here, it's been brilliant." The DJ's mix, called FABRICLIVE 55, is a tasteful selection of bass-leaning club tunes infused with "soul, musicality, and groove," which is to say that this isn't just a bombastic club set. Tracks from the likes of Commix, S.P.Y., Skream, Cluture Shock, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, DJ Marky himself, and many others flesh out the DJ set. On his selections, the mixmaster says, "I don't like the idea of trying to put as many tunes as possible on one CD. I want people to hear the music completely, not just one minute of each track. The mix is important, but music comes first...My concept with CDs is very, very different to [playing] in a club. I don't want to make a banging, noisy CD." You can find out exactly what DJ Marky means when his mix album drops on January 17, and check out the tracklist here and artwork before below.