DJ QNess Mixes Comp of South African House Music

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In case you weren't hip to the recent wave of South African-style house music, commonly referred to as Township Funk, that's been making its way throughout the clubs and parties of the dance music community the world over, there is a new compilation to get you up to speed. London's New State Music has gotten one of South Africa's top DJs, DJ QNess, to mix a 20-song compilation of what is pretty much a greatest-hits collection from the genre's recent history. Some standouts include DJ Storm's "Run Against the Wind," Mzo Bullet's "Casablanca," and the inescapable anthem, "Township Funk," from Mujava. A player with a few samples from the mix and the full tracklist can be found below. Township Funk is available now from New State Music.

Township Funk (Album Sampler) by townshipfunk

01 DJ Fresca & Kudoskelem - Bring Out The Worst In Me
02 MR FM - Dragon Fly
03 Queens of Dance - Thamba Wena
04 DJ Mphulo Presents Angelo Agnelli - Off The Wall (Tshwara Lebota)
05 Mujava - Township Funk
06 Mogrigo - Heavyweight
07 McLloyd - Tembisa Funk
08 Josi Chave ft. Oluhle - Hlala (Extended Mix)
09 DJ Killer & Nyekx ft. Lady B - Dansa
10 DJ Qness ft. Khanyi - The Light
11 DJ Lugz - Lugzora
12 Double Trouble - Mamelodi Funk
13 DJ Storm - 2010
14 DJ Qness & Aero Manyelo - Lennen
15 Mujava - Mugwanti
16 DJ Tulz - Toolz Down
17 Mzo Bullet - Casablanca
18 DJ Storm - Run Against The Wind
19 Wakes - PE Funk (Masters Re Edit mix)
20 DJ Tulz - Sismazweni